timber royale

TIMBER ROYALE | recipe here…

We celebrate rare beauty in life, things like blue moons, a 50 year old flowering cactus, a 1967 La Tâche Romanée-Conti.  And then there are not so rare beauties, but celebrated just the same: a nest of tiny bird eggs hiding in the vines, a bald eagle swooping overhead, the sound of the river burbling over the rocks.  We learn to appreciate the unexpected and thrive on the excitement of it.  We also thrive on the peace of everyday beauties: our children, our friends, the bright blue sky, the cool grey sky, the breeze in the aspen leaves.

At Harris Bridge we cherish the continuity of life in this little valley, reveling in moments of bliss as children splash in the river, as the lilacs bloom in the spring, magnolias basking in the summer sun, the maples in all their autumn glory, and the skeletons of oaks that adorn the pale grey skies of winter.

A toast to the blue moon and to things beautiful, special, fleeting, and rare.

Written by harrisbridge

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